About Us

We are a simple reliable cleaning service. We looked around and found corporate franchises that worked sometimes and didn't work other times. We found local mom & pop cleaners that wouldn't even follow up to see how your clean went. Perfect Cleaners came about because we wanted something for the new era of cleaning, simple fixed prices, fast and reliable customer service. It's a simple as that. We want you to have a clean home with less hassle.


We wish to extend to you our 3 principles:

  1. To clean the parts of your home you don't want to or have time to clean.
  2. To offer simple and affordable pricing and ordering.
  3. To be responsive to your questions, concerns and feedback about our work.


If you have any questions about our offerings feel free to contact us via our online chat, our toll-free number 1-800-971-5770 or our email support@perfectcleaners.ca. 

Perfect Cleaners